Online Unit Builder

  • Faster: Renders in your browser.
  • Less data: Only downloads needed images.
  • Regenerates on every change.

Custom Unit Builder

  • Allows custom art.
  • Allows to create custom skills.
  • Regenerates on every change.

Tier List Generator

  • Several filters to apply.
  • Drag and drop support.
  • Not mobile optimized.

AR-D Map Builder - WIP!

  • Gives you a grid to build an AR-D map
  • Drag and drop support
  • No link sharing

Summon Simulator - WIP!

  • Simulates a single summoning session
  • Pity system not accurate
  • No mass simulator statistics

Offline Unit Builder - Deprecated!

  • Slower: Renders in the server.
  • Heavier: Downloads a ~2.5MB image everytime.
  • Regenerates pressing a button.